YOGA in July 2016!

PGSA World Famous in Auckland Yoga is back!
  $6 yoga and dinner!

Hi my lovely PGSA yogis, our Yoga event is back! So grab all your postgrad friends and join us for the first relaxation session on next Friday (22nd July) Yoga + dinner with Loft Yoga Lounge for ONLY $6!! (no ticket fees!)

Friday, 22nd of July @4:45pm

Loft Yoga Lounge

As we are all aware, postgraduates are embarking on a multi-year journey with its fair shares of ups and downs.  Stress can negatively impact postgraduate students’ health and in 2016 we bring you a yoga session and dinner as a way to bring you a new experience of how to alleviate stress in a positive fashion AGAIN. New to yoga? We’re here to introduce students to a healthy way to manage their stress levels. A yoga veteran? We’re here to provide you this chance to join fellow postgrads for this experience.
We also have limited guest tickets available, you are welcome to bring family and friends along.

For more details, click HERE!