Careers – Job Searching

Based on a Presentation, Searching for a Job after PhD, by Peta Mobberley,UoA Careers Centre:

Key factors to keep in mind when job searching:

  • When choosing a job:
    – what suits you, your skills, values, interests?
    – what do different jobs involve?
  • When considering where to work:
    – what type of employer suits you (large, small, private, public etc)
    – where do I want to work (geographical location)
  • Finding vacancies:
    – advertisements, agencies, industry organisations, direct approach, networking
  • Stay Motivated
  • Have an Action Plan

Nine Winning Factors:

[ From UKGRAD (now Vitae) ]

  1. Acquiring publications in well-recognised journals with collaborators
  2. Gaining experience of applying for and securing research funding
  3. Demonstrating efficient project management
  4. Gaining experience of designing, delivering and evaluating degree level courses
  5. Understanding the process of quality assessment in teaching and research
  6. Being conversant with current issues in higher education
  7. Networking with people
  8. Using conferences as a way of raising your profile within your discipline
  9. Analysing the selection criteria of academic selectors.

How can Career Development and Employment Services (CDES) help you?

  • Appointments: Book on Auckland Career Hub:
    – CV and cover letter checks
    – Interview Practice
    – Career decision making
  • Careers fairs/employer presentations and forums
  • For more information check out their website

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