Rangitoto Postponed

Unfortunately, the weather this weekend has taken a severe turn for the worst. Because of this, our guides have been in contact with the ferries and it has been advised that even though the worst of the weather should stay out beyond Rangitoto, that the safe thing to do is to postpone the trip. We apologize for the weather delay, but we promise that the event WILL GO ON AS PLANNED, just on the 29th instead of the 15th.

Recap: Due to weather, we are moving the Rangitoto event from the 15th (this Saturday) to the 29th (two weeks from this Saturday). If you want to go on the 29th, you WILL NOT need to purchase new tickets. The tickets for this event will carry over.

However, if you wish to cancel your ticket, you have until the 22nd (1 week from this Saturday) to request in e-mail to events@pgsa.org.nz for your ticket to be refunded. We will be happy to refund your ticket, but cannot do so after the 22nd. So please let us know ASAP!