By popular demand, fantastic opportunity for Yoga + refreshments combo is back for ONLY $5!

Friday, 7th August @4:50pm, Dance Studio, UoA Rec Centre

As we are all aware, postgraduates are embarking on a multi-year journey with its fair shares of ups and downs.  Stress can negatively impact postgraduate students’ health and in 2015 we bring you a yoga session and dinner as a way to bring you a new experience of how to alleviate stress in a positive fashion. New to yoga? We’re here to introduce students to a healthy way to manage their stress levels. A yoga veteran? We’re here to provide you this chance to join fellow postgrads for this experience.

* Note: same event as July, venue have changed! 


Dance Studio, located at 2nd level of University Recreation Centre. Please use entrance facing the Quad & find PGSA representatives, no gym membership is required for entry.

Arrival @ 4:55pm outside dance studio of Recreation Centre

     Yoga starts at 5pm till 6pm

      Refreshments will be served Yoga session

Your ticket includes

       – Yoga session for both beginners and intermediates

       – Refreshments

       – Networking with fellow postgrads & lots of fun!  

What you should bring:

       – Proper attire for yoga activities. Jandals are never appropriate in any social setting!

       – Please feel free to bring your own mat or towel!!

All tickets are Non-Refundable. Make sure you would be able to make it to the event when you purchase the tickets.

Limited guest tickets are available at the same time

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