PGSA 2015 Yoga #5 – Yoga at Loft is back for $5

By popular demand, Yoga + dinner with Loft Yoga Lounge  is back forONLY $5!
Friday, 4th of September @4:45pm, The Loft Yoga Lounge, 103 Beach Road
As we are all aware, postgraduates are embarking on a multi-year journey with its fair shares of ups and downs.  Stress can negatively impact postgraduate students’ health and in 2015 we bring you a yoga session and dinner as a way to bring you a new experience of how to alleviate stress in a positive fashion. New to yoga? We’re here to introduce students to a healthy way to manage their stress levels. A yoga veteran? We’re here to provide you this chance to join fellow postgrads for this experience.
We also have limited guest tickets available, you are welcome to bring family and friends along.
Arrive 4.45pm and Yoga starts at 5pm
6pm Srivasana
6.30pm dinnerClass will be done by 8.30pm lates
Coconut curry
Oven chips/potatoes
Basmati Rice and salad
Halava – Cooked semolina sweet with Fresh Lemon
Fresh herbal tea and water as drink
Your ticket includes
  •        Yoga session for both beginners and intermediates
  •        Dinner
  •        Networking with fellow postgrads
  •        lots of fun!
What you should bring:
  •        Proper attire for yoga activities. Jandals are never appropriate in any social setting!
  •        Please feel free to bring your own mat or towel!!
Due to catering processes, all tickets are Non-Refundable. Make sure you would be able to make it to the event when you purchase the tickets.
Click here to book!