Doctoral Skills Workshops in September

The upcoming Doctoral Skills workshops will help doctoral candidates get started with their research, locate and keep track with the latest scholarly literature, manage references, structure and write literature review, format doctoral thesis, understand what their examiners’ expectations are, utilise available University research management systems to promote their research and more.

        Literature review: Tracking citations

This workshop will help you to identify scholarly literature with the highest impact in your discipline and find the key publications, authors and scholarly journals for your research. It will introduce you to the citation databases and demonstrate the different ways journal impact is measured.

The next session is 22 September, 10am – 12noon, room 431 at KEIC level 4, City

Literature review: Targeting your research and staying current

This workshop will cover advanced database search skills to help you find and keep up-to-date with the latest research relating to your thesis topic. The workshop will introduce effective strategies for retrieving specific sets of results, literature and data.

The next session is 29 September, 10am – 12noon, room 433 at KEIC level 4, City

        Academic integrity: Managing your references – RefWorks

This workshop will introduce you to best practices for managing a large number of references and citations in your written work using RefWorks . A comparison of RefWorks and EndNote reference management tools will also be provided to assist you in deciding which is most appropriate for you to use for your research and writing.

The next session is 24 September, 10am – 12noon, room 431 at KEIC level 4, City



     Academic writing: Writing for publication

Publishing during your doctorate requires careful planning. This workshop covers why you should publish, when you need to start, where to submit your articles and conference papers and what to expect from the peer reviewing process.

The next session is 21 September, 11am – 1pm, room 420 at KEIC level 4, City

      Presenting research at seminars, events and conferences

This workshop provides practical advice and tips on how to prepare, plan, and practice your first academic conference paper or departmental seminar.

The next session is 28 September, 10am – 12noon, room 420 at KEIC level 4, City

      Writing your non-academic CV

Many candidates recognize that the skills they gain doing their doctoral research are transferable to industry. The challenge for many lies in understanding the types of career pathways available and in knowing how to translate these skills to meet the needs of employers. This workshop will focus on identifying those skills and communicating them in a non-academic CV.

The next session is 22 September, 10am – 12noon, room 420 at KEIC level 4, City

       Academic writing: What examiners expect

Your doctoral examiners expect your thesis to meet the required disciplinary standards of academic writing. This workshop covers the expectations of your examiners, general academic writing conventions and common errors found in doctoral thesis writing.

The next session is 30 September, 3-5pm, room 420 at KEIC level 4, City

       IT Skills: Formatting your thesis

This hands-on workshop is an introduction to advanced Microsoft Word 2013 features which will help you format your thesis in compliance with the University of Auckland Guide to Theses and Dissertations. Functionalities covered: automatic table of contents, list of tables, list of figures, creating headings using styles, formatting page numbers, compiling multiple chapters into a single document, and more.

       The next session is 1 October, 10am – 12noon, room 431 at KEIC level 4, City

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