Doctoral Skills Workshops @ Newmarket Campus

Doctoral Skills Workshops @ Newmarket Campus


The following Doctoral Skills workshops are now available at Newmarket Campus in Semester II

NOTE: The workshops will take place in Room 902–402, building 902, Newmarket Campus. Attendees are required to bring their own devices, eg, ipads, laptops, for all workshops except those marked with an * as the room does not contain computers.

Academic writing: What examiners expect

Your doctoral examiners expect your thesis to meet the required disciplinary standards of academic writing. This workshop covers the expectations of your examiners, general academic writing conventions and common errors found in doctoral thesis writing.

  • Wednesday, 6 July, 11am – 1pm

Promote research using University research management systems

This is a practical workshop helping you to make the best use of the University research systems to manage publications and maximise the impact of your research.

  •  Tuesday, 26 July, 10-12noon
  • Friday 30 September, 10-12noon

 Presenting research at seminars, events and conferences*

This workshop provides practical advice and tips on how to prepare, plan, and practice your first academic conference paper or departmental seminar.

  •  Wednesday 3 August, 11-1pm, room 903-204

Literature review: Targeting your research and staying current (Faculty of Engineering, Auckland Bioengineering Institute)

This workshop is designed for doctoral candidates from the Faculty of Engineering and Auckland Bioengineering Institute and will introduce discipline-related databases and effective strategies for retrieving specific sets of results, literature and data.

  • Tuesday, 21 September, 1-3pm
  • Friday 14 October, 10-12noon
  • Friday 18 November, 10-12noon

 Literature Review: Finding high-impact publications for your research

This workshop will introduce you to citation databases and cited reference searching – a powerful tool to help you achieve a high quality literature review. The workshop will help you to find the key publications essential for your research, locate literature with the highest impact in your discipline, and identify the “key players” in your field.

  •  Tuesday 27 Sept, 10-12noon

 Presenting research with academic posters*

This workshop outlines the characteristics of an effective academic poster. It also provides practical tips for designing a poster that can be entered into the annual Exposure poster competition or be displayed at an academic conference.

  • Tuesday 6 September, 11m – 1pm