Celebrate End of Year with PGSA Writing Retreat

Join the PGSA while we help you catch up on your writing. Need some quiet time to write in a stress-free environment? Join us!

New Venue !!! please come to iSpace, not your usual room

The final “Shut up and Write” series of 2015 for the PGSA member is happening this Thursday, the 3rd of December from 5-7pm. The PGSA will be hosting a writing event exclusively for postgrads at the iSpace.

Whether you want alone, quiet, quality writing time or get into a group for peer review and discussions, we have your writing needs catered for!

Also, there will be free snack food to keep your energy levels high and writing productively!

What you need to bring:

1)      A laptop computer to work on.

2)      A writing goal for the afternoon. What do you want to accomplish during your time with us?

Click HERE to book!!