History & overview

about-1 The Postgraduate Students’ Association is an incorporated society dedicated to strengthening the postgraduate community at the University of Auckland. The Association is run by a Board of volunteer representatives from each faculty across the University.

Our vision is to create and foster a sense of identity and community for all Postgraduate Students at the University of Auckland and provide an effective voice promoting the distinct and unique academic, professional and social interest of postgraduates within the University and the wider community.

about-2In order to achieve this vision, we run social events such as the postgraduate orientation and end-of-semester parties. These events are run in Strata which is your postgraduate commons. The first PGSA Board secured this area when the Kate Edger Information Commons was being built. It is now managed by the PGSA as agent for property services.

The PGSA was instrumental in setting up the SPARK challenge, a competition now run by The University, and was responsible for initiating Exposure – the Postgraduate Research Exposition Competition. Exposure is held annually across all faculties within the university.

about-3Finally, in building a postgraduate community we strive to represent postgraduate student interests to the University, student organisations and other groups beyond the greater university community. To see who’s representing you click here or email pgsaadmin@auckland.ac.nz to ask about how to get involved.

The PGSA is currently representing postgraduate students on the following University committees: (click here for more info)

Board of Graduate Studies

Doctoral Skills Programme

Student Representative/Vice-Chancellor Meeting

Joint PhD Committee

Ethics Committee

Research Committee

We are constantly looking for new ways to build and strengthen our community. We are always looking for new and innovative ideas. If you would like to contribute please email us.